MarcusGarvey: (Still) The Most Dangerous Black Man in America, September 18, 2012, Florida

On September 18, 2012, Professor Geoffrey Philp using ThePhilosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey as a startingpoint, combines texts,  music, and video into a compelling presentation”Marcus Garvey: (Still) The Most Dangerous Black Man in America.” Thelecture, which is part of the events sponsored by the Institute for CivicEngagement and Democracy’s Dive into Democracy campaign, culminates in a turnout the vote drive aimed at increasing the number of student and communityvoters.
“Theinjustices committed against Marcus Garvey, including the denial of his mostbasic human rights will be highlighted,” said Professor Philp. “The researchof legal scholars and historians such as Tony Martin, Robert Hill, Colin Grant,and Justin Hanford will support the online petition to exonerate Marcus Garvey,, which is featured atthe end of the presentation.”
September 18, 2012

Time: 11:15—12:30

Room 2151
Miami Dade College, North Campus
11380 NW 27 Avenue, Miami, FL 33167