The Magnificent Martinique Humbled An Outclassed Anguilla 3-1

The magnificent Martinique humbled an outclassed Anguilla 3-1 in their first ever international meeting, to secure their place in the next round of the Digicel Caribbean Championships.

Martinicians have looked like magicians every time they have taken the field in the Digicel Caribbean Championships, and following their 3-0 victory against St. Vincent and the Grenadines, who subsequently beat Anguilla 3-1, you can understand that the tricolor entered this particular fixture simply oozing confidence.

Arnold Polomat and Jose Gordon made Martinique ambidextrous, with crosses of quality coming in with regularity from both wide players. And it was inevitable that the first opportunity came from the flanks when Patrick Percin shinned a ball wide in minute eight.

A free kick on the edge of the 18 yard box earned as a result of a neat one-two, was taken quickly, and tickled the twine to the delight of the crowd, but not the referee who ordered it be taken again. The second offering could not equal the first, as the under fire Anguilla goalie punched two fisted over the bar.

Martinique opened their account in minute 19 when Joseph Louis Kevin found himself on the end of a slide rule pass and in the box; with the far post at his mercy a cool finish for the second time in the knockout round ensured Percin took top spot in the golden boot race for DCC group E.

Anguilla staved off their hunger pangs for shots on goal in minute 25, when a poorly aimed freekick from 30 yards was easily met by Des Etanges in goal. Martinique looked more secure in the slippery conditions and it was of little surprise that in minute 37 they made it two; after a maze of bodies in the box led the ball to Kevin Saint-Louis at the far post who completed the puzzle.

Anguilla did have their moments, sadly they were all defensively, when some goal saving man marking from Cleo Hamm denied Martinique their third when Jan Michel Michaud rounded the keeper, only to have Hamm steal possession away.

The half time whistle saw the score remain at 2-0 with Martinique’s percussion passing proving perfect.

The second half began much the same way, when Xavier Bullet scored a bulls-eye in minute 51, Xavier ghosted his way into the box after a quick one-two, and for the second time in the match, with the far post exposed, a low side footed shot had the beating of Kelvin Liddie in goal for Anguilla.

Long distance passing punctuated large passages of the remainder of play. But to the complete surprise to many pundits in the crowd, Anguilla were able to get a goal of their own in minute 83, a lovely counter attack that saw a beautiful 40 yard pass played in from the left, slotted expertly home by a jubilant Kapil Battise.

Anguilla had benefitted from an own goal in their first match with St Vincent and the Grenadines but this one belonged to them.

However the win and a place in the Next round in Guadeloupe, October 11th – 15th, now belonged with Martinique. As the tournament continued on its trend towards host nation’s qualifying to the next round of the Digicel Caribbean Championships.

Martinique: 4. Daniel Herelle, 5. Patrick Percin, 6. Joan Deluge, 7. Rodrique Audel, 9. Kevin Joseph-Louis, 10. Jose Gordon, 12. Stephane Suedile, 15. Marc-Henry Codasse, 18. Xavier Bullet, 20. Steeve Gustan, 24. Eddy Heurlie,

Subs:  (1. Arnzug Huygues-Des-Etages), (8. Arnold Polomat), (21. Mikael Chorsora), (14. JN Michel Michaud), (11. Kevin A. Saint Louis)

Anguilla: 1. Kelvin Liddie, 2. Nigel Conner 3. Girdon Conner, 4. Kapil Battice, 5. Kevin Hawley, 7. Denville Francis 8. Leon Jeffers, 9. Glenville Allen, 10. Walwyn Benjamin, 12. Simon Anthony, 14. Cleo Hamm

Subs: (6. Adonijah Richardson), (13. Colin Johnson), (15. Lucien Flemine), (16. Gaekwad St. Hillaire),

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