Mastercard Worldwide Allegedly Involved In Olint Ponzi Scheme

Dr. Christopher Walker an Orlando Florida surgeon has sued the international credit giant MasterCard Worldwide for money laundering, theft and racketeering.

Dr. Walker contends that MasterCard Worldwide was at least partially responsible for his grave loss. He established this fact through personal observation and also from credible evidence gleaned from private detective agencies, which found that MasterCard had a relationship with the largest TransCaribbean Ponzi scheme called OLINT which has defrauded American and Caribbean nationals of close to US$ 1 Billion dollars.

Dr. Walker and his family lost $2.4 Million dollars and their loss has resulted in the financial ruin of his ailing father, a retired Government worker.

Hallmark Bank and Trust issued the MasterCards and is based in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This bank has been labeled to be a rogue bank by the Financial Services Authority.

The outcome of this case is likely to be historic and quite likely will set a legal precedent for future payment card institutions that wish to operate credit cards from off-shore Caribbean destinations.