mavado and laza morgan one by one…saved by the departure from people baggy

i spent quite some time thinking i disliked this song
because i kept hearing mavado’s part and i thought it was primarily his vocals
and i really cuddn bodda hear bout all a wah him plan fi do to under me
every now and then my vagina grows tired of these dancehall artists taking up residence in my privates and trying to detonate bombs there
its almost enough to send me to the nunnery the amount of battering i must endure so he can have an orgasm
so when me hear vado and love song me say no
cus a nuh love song dat
a him a wheel dis and squeeze wahever like gun trigger and when him done me cyaan walk
me know seh some jamaican man nuh have all di ‘traditional tings’ associated wid masculinity
like money and di power associated wid wealth

or prestige inna board room datwe have been told defines man
so dem plan fi claim dem power tru controlling di feminine
but as a part of dat feminine
me tiyad fi all a wah unnu waan do to my poor body fi prove seh unnu a man
and while me undastan seh who fah undaneat great and who nuh waan anybody tief dem man caw dem a run weh from hard wuk
me nuh plan fi a soak inna salt water fi anybody
yu waan dem kinda wuk deh, donkey deh a bush

but further investigation has revealed that its actually more laza morgan
who i love
and whose voice and vibe set the tone for the song
so…now me like di song
me even listen vado part some time
caw him nah gwaan too bad inna da one yah

a likkle tenderness goes a long way
me nah ask yu fi treat me like egg
but me a nuh mountainside weh need fi blast