May Pen Hospital Benefits From Donations to Improve Healthcare Delivery

The May Pen Hospital in Clarendon has received donations valued at  more than J $1 million, aimed at improving quality healthcare to  customers. 

May Pen Hospital Benefits From Donations to Improve Healthcare Delivery1
Dr. Ivanah Thomas (2nd left) presents the desktop computer and laptop to the May Pen Hospital team, which includes: Eugena Clarke-James, CEO (right), Faith Sterling, Customer Service Manager (2nd right) and Customer Service Officer, Andrea Lecky-Smith.

The donations were handed over to the hospital on Tuesday, August 23  and include a laptop and desktop computer valued at J $446,000.00  donated by Dr. Ivanah Thomas, medical doctor and philanthropist. The  other items include four wheelchairs; a portable oxygen cylinder; a  hospital bed with mattress; three digital thermometers and a pulse  oximeter, valued at J $697,000.00 and donated by KOICA Alumni  Association-Jamaica Chapter. 

Mrs. Eugena Clarke-James, CEO for the hospital expressed gratitude for  the donations, noting that it will have a great impact on the hospital in  regards to customer service and service delivery to patients. 

May Pen Hospital Benefits From Donations to Improve Healthcare Delivery2
Eugena Clarke-James, CEO of the May Pen Hospital (right) and Yvonne Brown-Smith, Director of Nursing Services at the hospital accept the donations from the KOICA Alumni Association, Jamaica Chapter from
Andre Lindsay, the agency’s president and its Public Relations Officer, Pauline McPherson.

“We are really appreciative to Dr. Ivanah Thomas for her donation of a  laptop and desktop computer to the Customer Service Department at  the hospital. It will go a far way because customer service is important to  the success of any institution and the team in the department will have  added resources in order to function effectively and efficiently to improve  the services for our clients” Mrs. Clarke-James said.

She added that the donation from the KOICA Association is a blessing,  noting that: “These medical sundries will be used for the intended purpose  because we are all about patient care and quality service delivery. When  persons come to our facility we have to win their confidence and trust as  they are here to gain quality care which is our responsibility.” 

For Dr. Ivanah Thomas, who was a student doctor at the hospital years  ago, it was a joy to donate to the hospital. She encouraged  others to give back to improve the care and services offered at the  hospital. 

In the meantime, Andre Lindsay, President of the KOICA Association, explained that KOICA is an agency of the Korean Embassy established to  improve the bilateral relations between the countries, while offering  support in areas of education and healthcare to improve the lives of  Jamaicans. 

“This year we decided to focus on the health sector and we hope that  our donation, based on the hospital’s demands will go a long way. We  are very happy that we were able to give this donation and we thank the  hospital for welcoming us to its facility” Mr. Lindsay said.