Media’s Attacks on Obama Are Not Surprising

Are you wondering why the media has seized on that video of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright screaming curses at America? Are you puzzled at the amount of airtime devoted to this sideshow when vital issues are ignored? The answer lies in the ownership of the media.

With global corporations controlling the airwaves, politicians like Barack Obama who advocate government for the people instead of for corporations can expect vicious and relentless attacks on television and radio. And this is facilitated by the concentration of ownership in international media.

The global media market is dominated by seven multinational corporations: Disney, AOL-Time Warner, Sony, News Corporation, Viacom, Vivendi, and Bertelsmann.

And the trend is accelerating. It would be naïve to expect fair treatment for Obama in these circumstances.

Watch for even more vicious attacks on the black senator from Illinois. They will often be disguised as “in-depth” reporting or even as a defense against “critics.” But in reality they will be thinly veiled excuses for showing the same damning video clips over and over and over and over…