Meet the Bromfields – Taking out a Jamaican Killer

It’s caps and gown time!

It is a time when we celebrate the achievements of our family and friends and get a shot of inspiration.

We take time out recognize the victory over the setbacks, detours, all nighters, and whatever challenge that needed to be conquered.

But look more intently! There is a set of students whose joy seemed strangely muted. Did they not get the memo that it is time to let loose and relish their accomplishments?

Curiosity asked the question of why the morose look. Hundred of these O levels achievers point in unison to a chilling creature, whose look more menacing than the specter of death. This grim reaper has a blood-stained T shirt with the lettering, dream killer, bellowing threats of impossibilities.

Hundreds of kids who have dreams to change Jamaica, who in their heart believe that celebrations should be commencement moments to their next level of development, but they are faced instead with a yawning gap of impossibility as there is no resources to fuel their journey, to run over dream killer and get them to the next milestone of accomplishment.

Profile of Impossible

Well a growing number of families are saying why can’t we do something to eliminate dream killer.

Our conversation today is meeting a family (The Bromfields) who is slaying the dream killer with vision, generosity, and sacrifice. We also get to meet a young lady (Keron Williamson) who is walking across the cleared bridge over the body of the wounded dream killer

Grace, Keron, Samantha, Herman -RIP Impossible!

Listen to how they are defeating impossible

Keron’s dream of becoming a doctor practicing in Jamaica will be realized! In four years, some life will be saved, so hurt will be healed, some new life will be celebrated. Yes, the gift will go on because of the courageous action of the Bromfields.

Billy Graham once said, “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened.”

Will our courage against impossible be stiffened? Will we consider making an investment in a life outside of our family? How do we take out the family of impossible menacing others? Is there a richer legacy that we can establish?