Merry Christmas, Anyway

On the day before Christmas, I sit in my den, listening to the radio, which is predictably making soothing Christmas sounds, and scanning my ancient PC. For the first time that I can recall, my Yahoo Mail inbox is empty.

So, nobody is wishing me a Merry Christmas? That’s only fair, though, as I didn’t reach out (as they annoyingly say these days) to wish anyone the “season’s greetings” either.

Sandra and I never even got around to sending out Christmas cards. We bought cards – two boxes of them – and stamps. And we gathered names and addresses together. But, somehow, the cards never got into the envelopes and the stamps never got attached, and the cards are still in the drawer with the collected names and addresses.

To our friends and relatives, I apologize. I felt really bad when we got cards from you. Bad but good, really. Bad because we didn’t send you a card, but good because you thought of us at Christmas.

Despite all of the above, we plan to have a Merry Christmas, anyway.

Last Christmas, I was in a hospital bed with tubes inserted in various parts of my anatomy and bad news coming from the doctors. So I really appreciate being relatively healthy this Christmas (thank you, Lord!).

Most of all, I appreciate having loved ones around me.

My elder daughter Grace, her husband Frank, their sons Jonathan and Adam, and Frank’s sister, Maria,  are coming for dinner tomorrow.  We’re hoping my younger daughter Christine, will be able to make it, too.

Grace promised to come early to help us aith the cooking.

I hope I’ve thought of everything. Christmas tree bought and decorated – check. Presents wrapped and tagged and under the tree – check…

One of those giant oven-ready Purdue chickens you roast in a bag – check (I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t like turkey). A huge Publix ham – check. Ham glaze – check. Asparagus tips – check. Green beans (per Grace’s special request) – check.  Avocadoes – check. Tomatoes – check. Ingredients for salad – check. Salad dressings (three kinds) – check…

Chocolate cake (for Sandra) – check. Pecan pie (also for Sandra) – check. Key lime pie (the pies were buy one, get one free)  – check. Macadamia nuts – check. Pistachios – check. Candy, candles, fruit, little round cheeses encased in wax – check. Red and white wine – check. Beer – check. Diet Pepsi (for Grace) – check.  Ice tea, lemonade  juice (for Frank) – check. ..

OMG (as the kids say), I almost forgot the mashed potatoes! A bag of real potatoes, lots of butter, a jug of whole milk…. And ready-made mashed potatoes in the freezer, just in case nobody gets around to mashing the potatoes…

OMG again! I forgot the eggnog!  I hope Publix is still open.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something else  so I apologize in advance .

And what do I think about the world today? What catastrophe lurks around the corner? What outrage is being perpetrated in Washington (and elsewhere)?

Nothing could be farther from my thoughts.

It’s Christmas. Joy to the world! Peace on Earth! Good will to all men (women, children, pets and wildlife, too)!