Christmas Message From Mrs. Geneive Brown Metzger, Consul General Of Jamaica In New York

Dear Fellow Jamaicans and Friends,

It is telling that of all the holidays we, as Jamaicans in the Diaspora, celebrate, perhaps there is none other that brings back more heartfelt memories of our native land, as Christmas.

For many of us, we recount the old traditions of Christmas market, Johnkunnu, being with family, close friends and specials treats from Granny.  For those abroad for fewer years, the yearning is perhaps less remote but certainly not less intense.

But, whatever our memories, let us continue to hold Jamaica deep in our hearts, especially at this very trying time of global financial upheaval and other threats.

As Jamaica faces its own challenges caused by internal and external forces, let us be mindful that our leaders are working with unprecedented zeal to ensure our future as a society.

Let us remember to hold our country up in prayer and ask God’s favour on our people, on all our leaders and on our dealings.

Let us continue in the generosity of spirit that has been the cornerstone of the Diaspora, promoted us in our daily endeavours and served our community.

And, amidst the Christmas songs that will ring out from your lips, remember to include, what I call, ‘love song to Jamaica’: “Oh island in the sun; built to me by my Father’s hand.  All my days I will sing and praise of your forest waters, your shining sand.”

Thank you for your good works, your prayers and abiding loyalty to our homeland.  Merry Christmas.  God bless you and your family.  God bless Jamaica.