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Message From Senator The Honourable A.j. Nicholson, Minister Of Foreign Affairs And Foreign Trade To The Jamaican Diaspora In The North-eastern United States Of America On The Occasion Of The Passage Of Hurricane Sandy

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We continue to monitor the passage of Hurricane Sandy, whose swath of destruction has been felt in Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti and the Bahamas, and most recently, by our friends and family in the United States, particularly those living in the North-East.

Hurricane Sandy is a rare, indeed, seemingly unprecedented weather phenomenon – a system formed in an unfamiliar area, at an unfamiliar time, and following an unfamiliar path.  Its level of destruction has reminded us all, Jamaicans at home and in the Diaspora, of the vicissitudes of nature, and the need to remain determined as we pursue personal and national development.  

We have been kept informed through media reports as well as by our diplomatic and consular representatives in the USA of the level of dislocation and destruction. We are extremely concerned at the reports of power outages, water lock-offs, floods, fires and, tragically, the loss of human life. We extend our deepest sympathy to all those who have been so badly affected and assure you of the support and solidarity of the people of Jamaica at this difficult time.  

As you continue your recovery in the coming days and weeks, please be assured that the Government and people of Jamaica stand with you, our Jamaican-American family, in spirit and in love.  Even as we share in your discomfort, sadness and loss, we also share your pride in knowing that, wherever there are acts of kindness, bravery, and resolve – we Jamaicans will, somehow, be part of these acts.  

As we continue to assess and recover from our own experience in Jamaica with Hurricane Sandy, we are inspired by the knowledge, that, whatever challenges we may face and wherever in the world we may find ourselves, we Jamaicans refuse, stubbornly, to give up hope.  We know how to rebuild, how to become stronger, how to learn from our mistakes – and the world is better off, because we are part of it.

May you all return to familiarity, safety and comfort in the coming days.

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