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Message From The Consulate General Of The Republic Of Trinidad And Tobago – Dr. Anil Ramnanan

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Fellow Nationals,                                                                  
On behalf of the Consulate General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, it is my distinct pleasure to extend greetings to you on the occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Independence of our twin-island Republic.
For the pioneers of our nationhood, the pursuit of self-determination was a critical step in ensuring the holistic development of all the People of Trinidad and Tobago – regardless of race, ethnicity and socio-economic stature. Independence was the precondition that would allow for active indigenous participation in charting the course of the country’s history.
As we look introspectively at the path our Nation has travelled in the past fifty years, we should take pride in the tremendous strides that have been made in our socio-economic development. We have preserved our cosmopolitan heritage as well as guarded our democratic traditions. Trinidad and Tobago has also come to be associated with socio-economic and political stability. On the international sphere, our Nation has maintained its commitment to multilateralism and is a respected member of the family of nations. Many of our nationals have excelled internationally in a range of spheres, thus defining Trinidad and Tobago for its wealth of talent and creativity.
The international environment has evolved since gaining Independence. Our nation is now expected to sustain its viability within an intensely globalized and competitive environment. In response, the Government sees cooperation as being crucial to our continued development, and has emphasized the need to build and maintain strategic linkages.
Members of the Diaspora Community, though resident abroad, are considered important partners in our nation’s development. You represent an invaluable resource base through which continued capacity development may ensue in Trinidad and Tobago, and through which the commercial, cultural and tourism-related interests of our country can be promoted internationally. In this regard, I applaud the efforts of entities such as the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Texas that continue to be torchbearers for all things Trinbagonian, and I encourage you, members of the Trinidad and Tobago Diaspora, to deepen your collective commitment to the development of our Nation.
Happy Independence Day to All!
Dr. Anil Ramnanan
Consul General 

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