Message from Hon. Bruce Golding, MP Prime Minister for Christmas 2010

Christmas is a special time for all of us. Christmas never grows old and we never grow too old for it.

It is a time for reflection, a time to reflect on the birth of Jesus, the unbounded love of God which His coming signalled and the promise of forgiveness and salvation He fulfilled.

It is a time to bond with family and friends. We may have neglected during the year to say to those who love us: “I love you too and I care”.

It is a time to share even with those we don’t know and especially with those whose circumstances deprive them of the joy that Christmas should bring.

Yes, it is that time of year. It’s Christmas!

We have in our thoughts, as well, the hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans scattered all over the world who are not able to make it home for Christmas. We know how much they miss the real Jamaican Christmas that can only be experienced here on the rock but we know that wherever they are, no matter how cold or lonely it might be, they will find a way to put some Jamaican flavour in their Christmas celebrations.

To those Jamaicans who live “in foreign” as we say and who are spending Christmas with us, we say “Welcome home!”

I know that for many Jamaicans here and abroad it has not been an easy year. Some have not fared well because of the tough economic times we have been experiencing. Some have suffered misfortunes of one kind or another – illnesses, the loss of loved ones. Despite this, we must give thanks for our God is an awesome God who reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power and love and his blessings are never beyond our reach.

I always urge that we make this a special time of caring for our children and the shut-ins.

Children are instinctively excited about Christmas. After all, Christmas is about the birth of a child. Let us shower them with love and make this a memorable Christmas for them not just in the material gifts we give but in how we celebrate with them the true meaning of Christmas.

The elderly, those whose infirmity makes their bed and their room the only world they see and those who must spend Christmas in hospital need to feel our presence, our helping hand and our loving spirit.

I make a special appeal to all Jamaicans to be extra careful at this time on our roads, in our homes, at the beach. Let us avoid unnecessary mishaps or tragedy that would mar the spirit of Christmas.

A blessed, peaceful and happy Christmas to all Jamaicans, here and everywhere.