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Independent Task Force Issues Final Report On Miami-Broward Carnivals Consolidation Effort

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Over the last two months, an independent Task Force, comprising of Glenn Joseph, as Chair, Mr. Marlon Hill, The Consul General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Gerard Greene, The Consul General of Barbados, Mr. Ed Bushelle, representatives of the Broward Caribbean Carnival, Inc. (“BCCI”), Miami Carnival Inc. (“MCI”) , the South Florida Bandleaders Association associated with BCCI, a representative of the bandleaders associated with MCI, and a representative of the Steel band Association, was convened to pursue the objective of consolidation of the Carnival efforts in South Florida for the benefit of the community at large. During this period, the Task Force engaged in intense discussions over several meetings, while striving to reach common ground for an agreement of the mutual understanding and benefit of all stakeholders.

Throughout these deliberations, BCCI, the Broward Bandleaders Association, MCI, a representative of the Miami Bandleaders, and a representative of the Steel band Association participated in earnest trying to reach the ultimate objective, pursuant to the mutual acceptance and spirit of a Memorandum of Understanding that led to the creation of the Task Force. All parties considered the following primary proposals of consolidation:

  • No. 1: 2 events, 2 different months/days, MCI/BCCI collaboration;
  • No. 2: 1 event, 2 days, 2 venues, MCI/BCCI collaboration;
  • No. 3: 1 event, 2 days, 2 venues, 1 entity.

A collective agreement was tentatively reached by the Task Force to propose the second proposal which was in effect going to produce two days of Carnival, Saturday in Broward and Sunday in Miami. The Task Force proposed the implementation of one admission charge for both days and venues of Carnival. It was also agreed that there would be the establishment of a special escrow account with representatives of all principals being signatories for the projected total proceeds of the one admission policy. Additionally, prize monies were to be placed in a separate escrow account in the total amount of $200,000.00 where the Bandleaders would also serve as signatories of this escrow account.

On presentation of this proposal to the Broward Bandleaders Association, the organization found it to be challenging and ultimately unacceptable. There were extended discussions based on surmounting the Broward Bandleader’s resistance to participation in either Carnival Saturday in Broward and/or Carnival Sunday in Miami to no avail. In essence, this brought to an end the quest for options of a unified Carnival effort in South Florida. Ultimately, BCCI had no choice, but to honor the decision of the Broward Bandleaders not to participate in Carnival events in Miami-Dade County.

“At the conclusion of this year’s Carnival activities, the Task Force hopes for reengagement of all parties and a return to the consolidation efforts going forward. All the participating members of the non-carnival producing team remain available to assist in whatever way possible,” stated Glenn Joseph.

“The Task Force engaged in a gallant effort that all parties engaged in with good faith. The possibilities are in the hands of all stakeholders and must be pursued in earnest to sustain the development of Carnival in South Florida for the future,” noted Marlon A. Hill.

“Though I was looking forward to this year’s possibilities, I am hopeful that a resolution is possible in the future and the Consulate of Barbados remains available to assist towards that objective,” stated Ed Bushelle, Consul General of Barbados.

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