The Midwest Caribbean Network Is Celebrating Our 1st Anniversary

A lot can be accomplished in one year if one sets his/her mind to a task…We’ve Learned Over The Past Year That…

“The Road To Success Is Not Straight

There Is A Curve Called Failure
A Loop Called Confusion
Speed Bumps Called Friends
Red Lights Called Enemies
Caution Lights Called Family
Flats Tires Called Jobs



If We Have A Spare Called Determination
An Engine Called Perseverance
Insurance Called Faith
And A Driver Called Jesus
We Will Arrive At A Place Called Success!”

Over the past year, the Caribbean Association of Midwest America and Midwest Caribbean Network has added to their resume the following accomplishments:

  • Compiled and disseminated the most comprehensive information on each of the 34 Caribbean islands to Midwest America in honor of Caribbean American Heritage Month 2006.
  • Created and maintained a website to provide a clearinghouse of information for Caribbean nationals living in Midwest America.
  • Created, proliferated and expanded the Midwest Caribbean Network to reach beyond its local Midwestern targets and touch the world on an international level.
  • Raised awareness of the Caribbean population living in and around Midwest America
  • Created a forum to open the lines of communication and thereby linking the Caribbean organizations in Midwest America.
  • Raised awareness of the struggles of the Midwest Caribbean Not For Profit organizations in an attempt to raise support for their missions.
  • Created and hosted the Midwest Caribbean Network’s Meet & Greets to introduce local Caribbean business owners to each other and provide an opportunity to network and socialize while sharing common business concerns.
  • Organized Double 6 Fridays – for Caribbean nationals to meet and play dominoes and socialize.
  • Spearheaded the drive to petition both the Mayor of Chicago and the Governor of Illinois to declared May 27 – June 27 Caribbean American Heritage Month in the State of Illinois (perpetually).
  • Created 2007 Calendar of Caribbean Events (the first calendar of its kind) for Midwest America.
  • Organized and hosted the first Midwest Caribbean Community Resource Fair.
  • Created and disseminated the most comprehensive list of Scholarships, Internships & Job opportunities for high school seniors and students enrolled in college.


In the coming year our area of focus will be SOCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS.

It is our intent to:

  • Create and establish the first Midwest Caribbean Bar Association that will include attorneys working both in the public and private sector and practicing in several areas of the law,
  • Create the MidwestCaribbean Survival Guide that will provide links to housing, education, immigration and other social services.
  • Create the first Midwest Caribbean Directory of Businesses & Services.
  • Implement our Passing on the Traditions program meant to teach the children living in the Diaspora and the community about the customs, folklore and traditions of the Caribbean islands.

As part of our COMMUNITY SERVICE OUTREACH, we will:

  • Continue to hosts networking events between the north side and south sides of the city.
  • Create a forum to help increase dialogue between Midwest Caribbean not for profits
  • Form strategic alliances with other Caribbean not for profits within and without Midwest America.
  • Launch the Search For A Star – Caribbean Idol Talent Show
  • Create and hosts economic empowerment seminars for the Caribbean community

We could not have made it this long without YOU and we wish to express Our HEARTFELT THANKS to everyone who has supported, joined, participated in, and have embraced the vision of the Caribbean Association of Midwest America and the Midwest Caribbean Network.

We look forward to serving you in the coming year!!!