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Miles Guide on her Journey – Jamaican blogger, YouTuber, and Entrepreneur

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Sarah Miles, also known as ‘Miles Guide’, is a 21-year-old Jamaican blogger, Youtuber, and Entrepreneur. She recently graduated from McGill University, obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree with a focus in Sociology and Communications.

In 2018, she founded Miles Guide, a travel and lifestyle blog. It was created out of a deep longing to explore diverse cultures across the world, and desire to celebrate her Jamaican identity. Miles Guide is a space where one can go to when in search of insider tips, personal anecdotes and stories, or an authentic take.

As a bona fide storyteller, Miles Guide has now evolved beyond its blog to a YouTube channel and wide social media presence coveting her nominations as one of Bashy Magazine’s ‘YouTubers to Watch’ and as one of The Digital Jamaican’s ‘Influencers to Watch’ earlier this year.

 Across her blog, Sarah is a lover of exploring her island, an advocate for sustainability, and supporter of locally-made businesses. Sarah shares insightful guides, full of insider tips, perfect for both locals and visitors navigating the world, such as her guide to Caribbean Breakfast Parties. Diligent on collaborating with cutting-edge brands, Sarah has worked with Sun Island Jamaica, Reggae Month Jamaica, Xodus Carnival, and Worthy Park Estate.

On her YouTube channel, Sarah is passionate about sharing the local Kingstonian experience, seen in her ‘Weekender’ vlogs on the city nightlife. Miles Guide takes you on an island-trotting journey, from day trips with friends to various beaches and parishes to must-see experiences, such as the Joy Spence Appleton Rum Estate tour. When in search for recaps and reviews of events across the island, whether Jamaica Carnival or Reggae Sumfest, let Sarah be your guide.

Sarah is also one of the philanthropic co-founders of the non-profit organization ‘Mukkle Thrift’, a twist on the well-known Jamaican saying that “every mikkle mek a mukkle”.

This charity pop-up thrift shop allows patrons to purchase pre-loved clothing at an affordable price, whilst helping various causes across the island. Miles Guide often shares the behind-the-scenes of running the pop-up shops, from curating donations received from the public to vlogs from the events.

“Mukkle Thrift’s mission is to encourage sustainable practices across Jamaica [as] our island’s future depends on it. The effects of fast fashion are detrimental to our planet as clothing often ends up in landfills; thrifting is a means of saying ‘enough is enough’ and lengthening the life cycle of clothes in order to keep them out of landfills. Beyond encouraging sustainability, all of our proceeds go toward charitable organisations across the island, from educational causes to environmental causes, to build the future that we envision for Jamaica.” Sarah says to the Teenage Observer.

You can follow Sarah Miles on her Instagram @milesguide, or on her website www.gomilesguide.com. For further information on Mukkle Thrift, follow them on Instagram @mukklethrift.

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