Miss Jamaica Universe 2012
Miss Black Georgia 2008 April D. Thompson
The wonders of hair and makeup. Miss Black Georgia 2008 pageant

Good evening ladies and gentleman. I’m contestant number 1, Miss. Absolute Travel Addict…

Once upon a time I did a pageants. My mom competed growing up and felt it necessary to force expose my sister and I to the wonderful world of pageantry as well. Thankfully she was never one of those crazy stage moms and after a few Little Miss competitions, I was out of the pageant game. All of that changed in college when I realized that pageants were a great way to earn some extra cash and promote a speicifc platform…

I mustered up a little courage, recycled a prom dress from high school and took the title of Miss Black and Gold and later 1st runner up in the Miss Black Georgia, complete with crown and sash. 🙂

When I got word of the Miss Jamaica Universe pageant, I had to be there. I love a good pageant and am always up for an opportunity to ditch my sandals and dress it up a little bit.

Miss Jamaica Universe 2012 Pageant Kingston Jamaica Red carpet
A little red carpet action before the pageant

Over all, the pageant was good and definitely entertaining, although they did do things a bit differently that what I’ve seen. The contestants never introduced themselves, they didn’t have platforms, there was no talent competition, no mention of interviews and the the top 10 was actually 11. Go figure.

Misss Universe Jamaica 2012 Contestants
The 17 beautiful Misss Universe Jamaica 2012 Contestants

I have to give major props to anyone who gets up on stage and competes in a pageant.  However, it was clear that some of the contestants were either really, really, REALLY nervous or  didn’t take it seriously and had done little to no prep. Remember ladies, proper preparation prevents piss poor performance!

Top 5 Miss Jamaica Universe Contestants
Top 5 Miss Jamaica Universe Contestants

One of the highlights of the evening was having the reining Miss Universe and Miss Angola, Leila Lopes in attendance. Last year she became the 4th woman from Africa to be awarded that title in the 60 year history of the pageant. Also in attendance was Miss Yendi Phillips, Jamaica’s 2010 queen who was first runner up for the Miss Universe title. I’m not too familiar with last year’s Miss Jamaica Universe, Shakira Martin, but she was there to give away her crown.

Leila Lopes, Sakira, Yendi Philips at the Miss Jamaica Universe 2012 pageant
Miss Universe 2011, Miss Jamaica Universe 2011 and Miss Jamaica Universe 2010

The judges have spoken and Miss Jamaica Universe 2012 has been crowned! Congrats to Miss Chantel Zaky on taking the title along with the award for Best Body at the Kingston Indoor Sports Center on May 12, 2012. Chantal is no stranger to the Miss Jamaica Universe stage. Last year she competed and was 2nd runner up in the competition. I’m happy to see her return for the crown.

Crowning of Chantal Zaky Miss Jamaica Universe 2012
Chantal Zaky Miss Jamaica Universe 2012

Think this face looks familiar? You may have recognized Miss Zaky from the Shaggy video, Sugarcane. Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here and let me know what you think:

Best of luck to Miss Zakey this December in the Miss Universe pageant. Do Jamaica proud in South Africa!

Chantal Zaky, Miss Jamaica Universe 2012
Chantal Zaky, Miss Jamaica Universe 2012