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Busy Signal Premieres New Single Got To Tell You

Sultry Canadian Songstress Gears Up For New Mixtape

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She has been hailed by numerous industry professionals as the voice of hope. Delivering a unique ambiguity with her music, Ayah who is of Middle Eastern descent is full of promise. Having already worked with numerous reputable Hip-Hop acts based her homestead of Canada, Ayah has developed a strong and devoted fan base amongst her peers.

“In a day when a lot of people are looking for a light in the music tunnel…one shines really bright…Ayah has given me new found faith that soul music is very much alive…i can’t wait to work with her.” – DJ Jazzy Jeff

“Ayah is what R&B is going to sound like from here on out. She’s definitely someone who knows the history and the past, respects the present, and will lead the future. She’s an incredibly talented triple threat; vocals, writing, and looks. She’s definitely a star”. – Skyzoo

Her recent collaboration with NYC lyricist Skyzoo, a remake of the Pharcyde’s Pass Me By, has been featured on numerous Hip-Hop sites proving that her sound can be absorbed and appreciated by the Hip-Hop connoisseurs as well as her soul abiding contingent of followers.

Ayah’s love for music comes from her nomadic upbringing; having resided in countries all over the globe which she cites as her real foundation for the music which she delivers. “I don’t over mix and glamorize my art, it is for me what I feel and fortunately the audience feels it to,” explains the 22 year old.

Her stage show has audiences captivated through her interaction with fans and the obvious appreciation of the art form which she represents. It is this that has garnered the songstress a sincere following. ” As soon as I can get on stage, look the audience in the eye, that is me relating,” the budding vocalist says. “In a way my stage show is literally me singing to myself, giving myself advice because I am very stubborn,” Ayah concludes justifying the messages within her words and melodies.

Ayah has like many of her peers experienced quite a lot in her two decades and through her life encounters, Ayah just doesn’t provide a voice of hope, she projects her voice of reason. Her talent and credibility has allowed her the opportunity to step off the stage and work in mentoring programs such as Toronto’s Remix Project where she has taken on multiple roles to help enrich those youths involved in the arts and business program to help them achieve their goals.

Through her philanthropic efforts, Ayah has performed at some of Toronto’s most prestigious social events such as Tropicana Ball which serves communities in Toronto and the Harry Jerome Awards as well as being a major attraction at the Canadian Cancer Society and Government Conferences for Youth last year.

“Music is my love, but it is also a channel, a way to connect to people and to the youth,” Ayah shares. “I went through a lot as a teenager, and working with teenagers, especially females, gives me a sense of joy like nothing else. Mentoring and advising, sharing my experiences so that they can make better decisions for their lives is very important to me.”

With an all round appeal, Ayah attracts the attention of both those old and young. She has been described as ‘an old soul dropped bang in the middle of nowehere, but has the tenacity and ability to build a promising foundation for herself’ which will evidently dictate mass appeal. Her up and coming project Problem Woman, a testimony to production old and songs new solidifies why Ayah is as her name suggests something of a ‘miracle’ waiting to manifest.

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