More Race and Color complications

Robert Marve – Courtesy of

Two weeks ago I wrote about America’s “1 drop rule” and the complications of it etc. Well last week I was listening to a sports radio show  and I was shocked by a “racial”  complication.  Before I tell the story let me give you a little background.

Robert Marve the quarterback for the University of Miami was suspended by the coach for the first game of the 2008 season. Ten months ago Marve was arrested by the police. The coach, Randy Shannon (black), had 10 months to tell him this but did not until a week before the game. His rule book states if he gets a call after midnight about any player “guilty or innocent” he would be suspended. The coach told the media he did not want Marve to be distracted while completing for the starting QB job.

Some fans where livid. One of these livid fans called a sports radio station I often listen to and berated the coach. The talk show host explained that he agreed with the coach and that distracting the player during camp would not have helped the heated quarterback competition. This went on for about 5 minutes. The host had the upper hand and his explanation of why a coach would wait do this seemed logical. That is when the fan went to draw the “race” card.  I am going to try and paraphrase the discussion between an angry fan and the radio host.

Caller: The coach had no right to do this. He only did this because Marve is white. If it was a black player he would have let it go because it is one of the “boys” in the hood.”

Host: Sir,do you realize that you are contradicting yourself,

Caller: He would not let a black player off so easy.

Host: Sir, do you realize that Marve is black.

Caller: (Silence)

Host: Marve’s father is Eugene Marve who played in the NFL.

The caller hung up. Like the caller I was in shock. I always thought Marve was “white”.  I am sure many other people did too.

Eugene Marve