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Morgan Heritage Is On A Mission

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Kingston, Jamaica, January 24, 2008 – Coming off a successful stint of shows in Senegal alongside Senegalese pop and reggae acts: Carlou D. Fafai and Xuman, Morgan Heritage is ready to launch there new album ‘Mission In Progress’

The new album ‘Mission in Progress’ captures the band as it tries to bottle the power of its live stage performance on disc. With ‘Mission In Progress’, Morgan Heritage will bring together its older and younger audiences with an album that appeals to both. ‘Mission In Progress’ is sprinkled with a heavier dose of hip-hop while still maintaining the high quality reggae rhythms Morgan Heritage is Known for. ‘Mission In Progress’ will be released by VP Records on April 15th.

“What we have worked on for the past three albums is to mainly bring the stage to the record, a lot of people come to our shows and they’re like, ‘Wow, you sound so much better than your record, it’s unbelievable.’ And we’re like, ‘Wow, what is this difference that they’re noticing that’s not on the record?’ They say they love the records, but when they come to the concerts, they fall in love with the group all over again” – Peter ‘Jahpetes’ Morgan, Morgan Heritage vocalist.

Produced by Morgan Heritage, aided by Shane Brown and longtime friend and supporter Bobby Digital, ‘Mission In Progress’ is more than any of the band’s previous discs; it is the realization of its “ROCKAZ” concept: reggae music with an edge.

The first single from ‘Mission in Progress’, is the first song to represent both the old neighbourhood and their home for the past 11 years: Jamaica. ‘Mission in Progress’ veers at times from hard-hitting and gritty on tracks like 12 Shots to the straight-up romantic on songs like Love You Right.

A lot of the influences on the album are derived from Morgan Heritages experiences on the Warped Tour which has been one of Americans most successful tours over the past ten years and features a cacophony of rock, pop, punk and reggae artistes on one stage. There are also influences from foundation reggae group Steel Pulse who they cover with Raid Rootz Dance.

Morgan Heritage is focused on the direction they want there music to go and are continuing to work on their mission to influence the people in a positive way.

“We know there’s a higher ‘Mission In Progress’, there’s a ‘Mission In Progress’. What’s the mission? Jah mission, led by the most high. We know there is a god, and there is a purpose to life, and we know your riches are stored in Zion.”

– Peter ‘Jahpetes’ Morgan, Morgan Heritage vocalist.

Mission In Progress Track Listing

1. Cross Wi Border
2. Raid Rootz Dance
3. Politicians
4. Yute Dem Share
5. The Fight
6. Brooklyn And Jamaica
7. Mission In Progress
8. Nothing To Smile About
9. Love You Right
10. Faithful
11. Be Sure
12. 12 Shotz ft. Laza
13. Headline Fi Frontpage
14. Youths Today

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