Most Hispanics Will Vote for Obama. We Should too.

If you’re Hispanic, you would have to be crazy to support the Republican Party.  Especially now that the president has used his executive power to do the right thing by the children of illegal immigrants.  If only he could enact a regulation allowing illegal immigrants to vote.

But illegal or not, immigrants or not, most Hispanics must surely sympathize with the president’s humane approach to immigration.

I’m not talking about the Cubans in Miami. Many of them are former Batista supporters (or their children), and – from what people who should know tell me – Batista was in bed with both the Mafia and the CIA. Furthermore, Cubans have a special deal as far as immigration is concerned. So those Hispanics are overwhelmingly “conservative.” Marco Rubio for example.

And I’m not talking about former CIA collaborators from places like Chile who were granted asylum in the U.S. as payment for their regime changing services. They’re part of the fascist underground that helps to keep right-wing governments in power here and abroad.

I’m referring to the millions of Hispanics from places like Mexico, many of them “undocumented,” who brought their families to America in search of a better life. I’m confident that President Obama can count on their support.

But shouldn’t the rest of us applaud Obama, too?

Not crazy Allan West, of course. Not insidious Lindsey Graham. Not any of the xenophobic Republicans in Congress who are howling for the president’s impeachment. They’re mad as hell and… whatever.

I mean the rest of us… those of us who are not bigots or racists or jerks…

Ordinary, decent people with good hearts. People who can imagine themselves in someone else’s shoes and share their hopes, dreams and pain.

Americans the way they used to be.

And as some still are today.

How many? We’ll find out in November when the country goes to the polls.

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