MSNBC is Losing Me

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I used to be a faithful MSNBC-TV viewer, but, sadly, we’re drifting apart. And I notice that Sandra is tuning into CNN more and more these days (when she isn’t watching old movies).

What happened?

Chris Matthews is one reason of course. He has to be among the planet’s most irritating people. He jabbers like a baboon, interrupting his guests and shouting them down when they don’t agree with him. I guess he does that kind of thing to justify his show’s name of “Hardball.” But my idea of hardball journalism is the fact-filled Tim Russert style, thoroughly researched opinions delivered with calm assurance.

I really miss Tim. We might not look upon his like again. Nobody in the current crop of pundits measures up to his memory.

What irritates me most about Matthews these days is his mindless cheerleading for war and his relentless (and unreasonable) criticism of the President’s foreign policy.  Surely, after all these years, it’s time for him to retire?

I used to find Rachel’s show truly informative – and sometimes exciting. But for some time now, she has locked onto an issue she finds fascinating and talked it to death. Listening to her, I feel as if I should be taking notes as there will be a test afterwards.

I’ve never found Chris Hayes exciting, that’s for sure. He could make announcement of the Second Coming sound like a lecture on microbiotics.

Even Ed and the Reverend are getting stale, stuck on the same old issue for days on end.

And what a wasteland the channel is on weekends. Tonight, they will likely be showing “Lockup Raw” as usual. That’s just plain insulting to us viewers. (Of course CNN is also offensive with weekend shows like Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown.”)

As CNN fades into a shadow of Ted Turner’s brave new broadcasting concept and MSNBC slides into irrelevance, Fox News scored a first as the most-watched prime time channel on cable TV. Not just the news channels – all of cable!

Fox News! What’s happening to America?  Who is lapping up the slimy propaganda and barefaced lies that Fox dishes out? And why?

I wonder what’s on the movie channels that I haven’t seen – and can bear to watch?

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