Murdoch is the One who Should be Deported

America’s far right has no sense of irony. They’re howling for the deportation of Piers Morgan on the grounds that his gun control advocacy is somehow anti-American. Meanwhile, that creepy-crawly Australian import Rupert Murdoch (above) blithely pursues his mission to subvert American society without let or hindrance.

You might not know who Piers Morgan is.

But I am sure you know who Rupert Murdoch is.

He’s the billionaire media magnate behind the phone hacking scandal is the United Kingdom.

And he’s the political activist who brought Americans Fox News.

I don’t know much about Piers Morgan, except that his show sometimes helps put me to sleep. From what I’ve seen, it’s about as bland as a show can get, Larry King with an English accent.

(You remember Larry King? The star-struck old guy with the suspenders?)

Murdoch, on the other hand, is far from bland. He is toxic.

He seems dedicated to destroying the American political process by filling the airwaves with lies.

He is so presumptuous that he even tried to “own” the American presidency by promoting General Petraeus for the job.

But Murdoch is not going to be deported. This is America, and you can say anything you like here without fear of government retaliation. It’s in the Constitution (for better or for worse).

In America talk isn’t just cheap; it’s free.

And that’s what the White House explained in an official response to the petition for Morgan’s deportation – which was signed by more than 100,000 Americans with nothing better to do.

Equally ironic is the fact that the man behind the petition to deport Piers Morgan is Alex Jones, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who expounds on topics like The Illumninati and that “inside job” at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Alex Jones!!!

If only there was some place to deport Alex Jones to.

But nobody knows what part of outer space Jones comes from. His home planet is too far out for NASA to detect it.

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