“Let’s Find A Way”: Song Brings Hope For Children With Aids

Let’s Find A Way is a labour of love or “kenoronhkwa” (in the Mohawk language of the Iroquois confederacy, it is the word for love medicine) that began with the hopes of bringing international attention and relief to children either affected or infected by the HIV virus. It’s a concern that reaches across borders, religions and political beliefs; never before have so many performers come together in song, from around the world, to raise awareness of the need for help in fighting this deadly disease. For more information please visit letsfindaway.ca.

In 2006, Robin Tomlin (Chair of the Let’s Find A Way Society), approached songwriters Phil Koochin and Kevan Ehman to write a song that would inspire hope all over the world and serve as an AIDS international anthem. He could not turn a blind eye to the fact that children worldwide are being orphaned, left homeless, hungry or dying due to this ravaging virus and that they desperately need our help and support.. Once the song was complete, Tomlin’s dream really began to take shape when multi-talented Toronto artist Waleed Abdulhamid came on board as Musical Director of the project. He produced and recomposed the song and successfully recruited top-notch international musicians and performers to sing in their native languages. Highly acclaimed artists such as Blood Sweat and Tears frontman David Clayton Thomas, and Zaki Ibrahim as well as the dulcet tones of the Orpheus Choir of Toronto all added their enormous talent and good will to the project.

Over time many more people got involved, whether for religious or personal reasons, or just for the love of children. The result of these efforts are three unique versions of the song entitled “Let’s Find A Way” – an English version, a multicultural version featuring 13 languages, and another with rap and spoken word featuring US artist Ursula Rucker and Toronto poet/activist Boona Mohammad. A documentary of the process, including interviews with performers and organizers is also set for release in October of this year.

The Let’s Find A Way Society hopes that people of all walks of life will be moved to purchase the CD/DVD package and or/make a donation to this worthiest of causes, by visiting the Lets Find A Way Society website. The three versions of the song and a DVD are available now at iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, mTraks, and through letsfindaway.ca.

All proceeds will be disbursed internationally to marginal communities including Aboriginal youth populations that do not have direct access to HIV/AIDS support.