Mustard Seed Annual Fundraising Benefit And Scholarship Awards – September 24, 2006 New York

UJAA Members – The MUSTARD SEED COMMITTEE on behalf of HEARTBEAT of JAMAICA are inviting and asking for your support as they host their annual fundraising benefit and scholarship awards. This will take place September 24, 2006 at the New HILTON Hotel and Towers, NYC. The benefit begins at 1:00 pm and the cost per person is $ 95. The distinguished honorees include the Hon. Derick Heaven, Chairman of Jamaica Sugar Company and the Hon. Dr. Basil K. Bryan, Jamaica Consul General in New York.
As you know UJAA has been a long time supporter of Heartbeat of Jamaica as we have provided financial aid to assist with the re-contraction of the HIV home for children with AIDS located in Spanish Town. We have also provided them clothing and household items for the Jerusalem project in Kingston.
Your support would be greatly appreciated. If you are unable to attend a donation would be kindly received. Make checks payable to the “Mustard Seed Committee – USA”

Call for more info – 718-287-9366
Anton Tomlinson
Omega Global InfoTech Group
1417 Albany Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11203