My My My

So my son is now going through the my my my stage. Everything is my car, my keys, my house, my everything. its something to behold the wonderful stages of development as yet many say there is now God. How does I child just automatically go through all these stages of development.

He is speaking much clearer now and putting together sentences. I thank God each and everyday for him and the wonderful experiences.It’s still challenging but I am learning each day to just enjoy the moment.

Disciplining is still an issue but I just handle this day by day. I just do my best and try not to do it when I am angry or annoyed. What to do???  I have come to realize that life is short and all we can do is our best.

I havent posted alot because I was a little down. A relative lost a baby in death shortly after delivery after going full term and honestly I was just plain down, it brought back alot of memories.  But we are all trying to work through the depression and the pain.

At this point all I say is do your best each and everyday and just love and appreciate what we have.