Trinidad – Migrant Recommends Nature’s Remedies

Caribpr Newswire, Hicksville, New York, April 2, 2008: The growing ‘healthy eating’ mantra that is now making waves globally is old news to Trinidad and Tobago-owned company, which has been preaching and practicing healthy living for years.

The Long Island-based Nature’s Remedies has been carrying on a Caribbean tradition of using Nature’s goodness to ensure a healthier lifestyle for years. In 2005, following on the tradition of her father, Kathy Ann Gallant, opened the company formally to serve the requests of thousands of Caribbean Nationals, around the world for alternative options to treating and coping with many ailments including diabetes, heart problem, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fibroids, asthma, constipation, cancer, without the use of chemicals.

`Our natural products consists of safe herbs such as aloe vera, bee pollen, dandelion root, Echinacea, fennel seed, ginger root, among numerous others,` says Gallant` `Just as your grandmother used in curing most of your ailment as a kid.`

Currently, Nature’s Remedies is recommending cleansers, for the spring season `Just like you usually do Spring cleaning, cleansing your body is also important, and can help not only to cure digestive and intestinal ailment but also weight loss,` commented Gallant. `Mrs. Catherine Nunez lost 52 lbs in 6 weeks from our weight loss program. We strongly believe in the philosophy, `let nature be your doctor,` and ”Your best wealth is your health.`

Nature’s Remedies parent company, Mother’s Nature Vegetarian Restaurant and Bar is located in Trinidad and specializes in over 100 different natural juices, and natural cuisine. ”Going green is not just about saving the environment but healing and keeping our bodies healthy,” added Gallant.