NDTC Season of Dance – Independence Weekend

As Jamaica prepares to celebrate its Independence, the National Dance Theatre  Company (NDTC) is gearing up for the third weekend of their 61st Season of Dance  from August 4 to 6. This iconic dance company, fresh from successful appearances in the United States and England, has been captivating audiences with a diverse  program showcasing Jamaican talent, artistry, and cultural heritage. 

NDTC Season of Dance - Independence Weekend3
The three benefit performances during this special weekend hold particular  significance as they will not only entertain but also contribute to the nation’s  development. On Friday, the opening night will be dedicated to St. Jago High School,  followed by a performance for the St. Catherine High School Alumni Association on  Saturday. However, the highlight of the weekend will be on Independence Day,  where NDTC will host a children’s show at 2 pm, inviting over 300 children in state  care from homes across the island to the Little Theatre. 

NDTC Season of Dance - Independence Weekend1
The programme for the weekend is packed with exhilarating pieces that showcase  the rich cultural tapestry of Jamaica. Rex Nettleford’s iconic Kumina and Spirits at a  Gathering and the dynamic Asisomos by Arsenio Andrade Calderon will take the  audience on an enthralling journey through Jamaican folklore and traditions and  contemporary dance. The Belize-born Jamie Thompson’s Don’t Leave Me adds a  touch of international flair to the repertoire. 

NDTC Season of Dance - Independence Weekend2
Artistic Director Marlon D. Simms contributes a light-hearted take on Jamaican life  with his piece titled Montage, which has entertained and delighted audiences with its  wit and charm. Guest choreographer Orville McFarlane has distilled the essence of  Dancehall into his scintillating work Circa 2K, an ode to the modern Jamaican dance  scene. 

Another captivating piece titled Queen is inspired by the life of Nanny, an iconic  figure in Jamaican history who played a crucial role in the fight against slavery and 

the struggle for freedom. Renee McDonald’s choreography captures the essence of  Nanny’s legacy and the indomitable spirit of the Jamaican people. 

The dance performances will be accompanied by a musical tribute to the Reggae  superstar Jimmy Cliff. The singers and musicians will showcase their talent and pay  homage to the legendary artist with an inspiring arrangement of his popular songs by  the company’s musical director, Dr. Kathy Brown. 

According to Artistic Director Marlon D. Simms, the NDTC takes great pride in  supporting educational organizations and assisting them in raising funds for their  crucial work of empowering the next generation of Jamaicans. The company’s  dedication to hosting a show for children in state care reflects their commitment to  inclusivity and fostering a sense of joy and hope among the nation’s youth. Tickets  for these performances are available for purchase at the Little Theatre box office. 

Contact: Marlon D. Simms | NDTC Artistic Director | Mobile: (876) 852-3502  

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Website: www.ndtcjamaica.org