Nefew Featured On Puma Home Page With The Antihero Begins Project

Hip-Hop duo Nefew have recently found themselves added to the Puma website with their debut free download which was presented by highly respected Hip-Hop blog and Puma earlier this year.

The AntiHero Begins generated a stream of positive press for the Swiss based duo made up of Polemikk and PA Double. It also encouraged the two to team up with world recognized DJ, Green Lantern, on their impending release, Man vs. Many, due next month.

Being featured on the Puma website and on the social networking sites of the apparel giant is a considerable feat for an independent act. Reaching over two million fans through the Puma Facebook page alone is guaranteed to bring Nefew and their music further exposure to a global audience.

“The album and its five “chapters” follow a linear narrative that begins with “Insight,” the childhood discovery of music and maturity, “Courage,” traces the necessity of a desk job and ends with resignation in order to pursue a music career, captured in the final chapter “Pride.” The story is simultaneously cross referenced by lessons of personal and creative integrity, “Truth,” and the struggles of making music in an industry flooded with uninspired material, told in the aptly title chapter “Ignorance.”” OKAYPLAYER.COM

“Antihero Begins is a string heavy, soulful testament to Nefew’s uplifting attitude to life and music”-

“Polemikk and PA-Double both have a nice sound to their production and the aforementioned, Polemikk, also has a good handle on his lyrics and delivery” – RAPREVIEWS.COM