Nervous about taking Cholesterol drugs?

Vytorin and Zetia Recent stories about cholesterol drugs are causing some to be uneasy about taking cholesterol medication. Last month it was disclosed that the much advertised Vytorin, a combination of Zetia and Zocor, while effective in lowering cholesterol did not slow the growth of dangerous plaque in arteries.

It was just last year that another drug torcetrapib, was halted in clinical trial. It did what it was supposed to as far as cholesterol-it raised HDL- but more people in the drug group died than in the placebo.

And now we hear that Lipitor ads featuring, Dr. Jarvik the artificial heart inventor are being taken off the air after it was revealed that he was using a body double for rowing and was therefore deceptive since he is not actually a rower.

Critics of the cholesterol theory are having a field day. But more about that later…