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Nesbeth New Look Renewed Thinking!

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Nesbeth surprised his fans with an all time new look when he appeared at recent Reggae Sumfest held in Montego Bay; sporting a fiery red turban, a significant piece of attire worn by a group of Rastafarians known as Bobo Ashanti or Bobo Dread. Traditional Bobos are said to dress differently from all other Rastafarian group or order.  They often wear long robes and tightly wrapped turbans and their lifestyles closely emulate those of the Old Testament Jewish Mosiac law.  Meaning they observe Sabbath from sundown on Friday to sundown Saturday, consumption of salt and oil avoided among many other cultural beliefs.

For the most part, Nesbeth practices and incorporates his Rastafarian beliefs in his music for the years exercising a level of maturity and responsibility to positively influence his fans.  “This is not a publicity stunt, it is an expression of how I feel about myself” explained Nesbeth.  “Wearing a turban is in keeping with my beliefs but to those who know or have seen Nesbeth before will see that it goes further than sporting dreadlocks which almost everyone else, the good, bad and indifferent is doing.”  This change for Nesbeth is spiritual, ‘a high meditation’ and he is quite comfortable singing the music he does and has no intention of switching to trend for publicity.

As it relates to his first ever performance on Reggae Sumfest, the three day festival dubbed ‘the greatest Reggae show on Earth’ held in the second city, Montego Bay, Nesbeth said his performance was well received by the thousands of patrons in attendance on Dancehall Night. However he shamelessly stated that the crowd’s response did not come as a surprise to him as Reggae fans in general has always been receptive and interactive to his performance on any Jamaican stage.  So what’s next for Nesbeth?  “I have got a lot to share, a lot has happened in Jamaica today, yesterday and even last week that needs intervention.  I want to spend my time teaching, motivating or even help to find solution to some of these problems that face the youths.”

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