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New Artist LanMine Hope to be a Beacon Hopefuls in his Hometown Look Up To!

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Atop the northern hills overlooking the city of Kingston is a small community called Riverton City. A bridge separates this community from the city’s dump better known as Riverton City Dump.  In the early day Riverton City was once a place where shacks and scrap metal heaps line the dusty road, while stone-faced youths stand and stare, stray dogs stroll by, cattle saunter up a lane, pigs and piglets stroll through, horns of garbage trucks honk, women congregate along the dusty road to talk about the benefits they derive from their ‘strange’ lifestyle and barefooted children look on. Many of the residents spend their days making a living from the dump across the bridge.  There is a river that flows between Riverton City and the dump, young boys would often bathe and frolic. Summertime and the living is easy for those boys in a place where hardships abound.  But despite the negative perception of what life could be like for residents of Riverton City, the community treasures some of the fondest memories for many families who like all other Jamaican has hope and aspirations.  It is from the confines of Riverton City a young man, known as Shorvon McKinson emerged as Dancehall artiste LanMine.

            LanMine childhood experience in his recollection was rough; he is only male sibling and youngest of 4. Mindful of the hardship many families including his endured, the memories resonate with him and has lead him to embark upon a career path that is geared towards standing as a beacon for young hopefuls of Riverton City so that they keep their dreams alive in an effort to accomplish what they will.

LanMine characterises himself as fun, jovial, motivational, driven and optimistic.  His latest single, ‘Wifey Nuh Tek Back Fence’ though comical and humorous is indeed his artistic interpretation of just one of the many dramatic scenarios that took place in Riverton City.  Like all women living in inner city communities in Jamaica, the women of Riverton City or most of them are intriguing, unique and amazingly interesting.  To be brought up among these women award you with indebt knowledge of a lifestyle and culture typical of an authentic Jamaican woman of so called ‘ghetto’ upbringing.

Knowledge of such experience inspired LanMine to create a song entitled, ‘Wifey Nuh Tek Back Fence.’  The concept behind the song captures the drama, boldness and ambition some  women who in spite of their low income or lack of it chose to acquire the luxury and comfort of the upper class society no matter what the cost.  However, when the bailiff or landlord show up, knowing that under no circumstances the bills can be paid,  “dem tek back fence” as LanMine humourously put it.  LanMine has much to say about his life experiences and prospective future.  He is another bold Jamaican ghetto youth, who is confident that his deejay craft and writing skills can make him an internationally acclaimed, Dancehall artiste.  


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