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THE OTHER SIDE OF TOURISM is a non-fiction book written by visual artist, poet and writer Myrna Loy which illustrates the effect of being born in the UK of dual-heritage where Myrna has tried to embrace the culture of her Jamaican parents while remaining loyal to her British identity. Myrna will be launching her 1st self-published book at the Hat Factory on Thursday 5 August in Luton in the United Kingdom. (Call: 01582 721 605 for details_. The evening will consist of performances, reviews and an opportunity to purchase signed copies of the book at £9.99 in a Caribbean ambiance with easy access to the bar.


THE OTHER SIDE OF TOURISM is based on the impact of being born in a dual cultured environment under a project called 0,1 Space & Identity. The concept behind 0, 1 Space & Identity is to examine the effect of migration (0), and any subsequent experiences of reintegration, displacement, alienation and/or disillusionment, and how those experiences impacted on the next generation (1) and beyond. ‘0’, equates to the generation of our parents (i.e. those born outside Great Britain) and ‘1” equates to 1st Generation (those born in Great Britain). ‘O’ symbolises space, and ‘1’ symbolises Identity – “Out of Many 1 People”, an aspiration acquired from the ethnographic fieldwork in Jamaica.


Myrna was raised by a white society and has embraced those elements in the culture that have treated her with fairness and promoted her sense of well-being. However, in Britain where she was born, educated and raised, she has been labelled an immigrant and an ethnic minority – the inference being: “you do not belong here!


In defiance, Myrna rebelled against her British sensitivities and tried to hold on to that essence in her that was Jamaican. Attired in patriotic Jamaican spirit, she visited the island of her parents’ birth but was confused and frustrated by her experience. They could tell by the way she was dressed, by the way she walked, by her ‘look’ that Myrna wasn’t a real Jamaican. Myrna felt alienated by factors she couldn’t understand and as a result had reservations about the culture she claimed to admire.


THE OTHER SIDE OF TOURISM is a honest and humorous account of the emotional journey Myrna took when trying to connect with her Jamaican heritage after her experience of growing up in England with a Jamaican mother who suppressed that part of her culture.


Myrna says:


“… my mother didn’t allow me to speak patois in the house, although I learnt it from visiting uncles an aunties. When I was 18, I married a Jamaican in defiance. He taught me how to cook Jamaican food and introduced me to reggae music. Ever since then I immersed myself in all aspects of Jamaican culture which gave me a sense of identity…”


She continues…


“When I visited Jamaica in 1993, I considered myself a Jamaican and was astonished to find that I had little in common with the people I met. I noticed how irritable and impatient I became with my various encounters and couldn’t understand why I had such strong reactions. It was these experiences that prompted me to write “The Other Side of Tourism”.


Myrna decided to re-visit ten years later to re-evaluate her experiences. It made her realise that despite her admiration for her heritage and her desire to be a part of it, a British mindset dominated her Jamaican sensitivities. Myrna has catalogued her frustrations in her first self-published book: “The Other Side of Tourism” which is being launched on 4 August!

So Jamaica-lovers, cultural tourists, explorers of new cultures, those born of dual-heritage or anyone who has at some point or another sought a sense of belonging! Get an intimate perspective of Jamaicans in Jamaica from UK-born visual artist and poet, Myrna Loy when she launches her first self-published book on 5th August!

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