New confirmation for Rototom Sunsplash 2013: Richie Spice

With his delicate, evocative voice and intense compositions, Richie Spice is one of the most original roots reggae artists to have come from the Jamaican scene. Born in 1971 into a musical family: three of his brothers, Spanner Banner, Pliers and Snatcha Lion, are quite well known reggae artists.

When Richie recorded “Earth a run red” in 1999 he was not expecting that it would be re-released 5 years later, in 2004, paving the way for a series of hits like “I swear” and “Marijuana” on the label 5th element, of which Richie is the most eloquent artist, along with Chuck Fender.

His song “Blood again” (2005) saw him swap to the German label Pow Pow. His other work, under the mentorship of some of the best producers of recent years, is included in his five CDs, the latest of which is “The Book of Job” (2011) with collaborations from Donovan Germain and Shane Brown