New Discovery – Anancy Gyal Reporting from China

Dear Friends & Family,
It’s 9:28p.m on Tuesday,8/23 (I think- we are 13 hrs ahead of you) and it’s so great to hear from you.
Well the update is that with each day, comes a new discovery of what I needed and didn’t bring. Slippers: No Size 10 (40) for ladies -had to resort to the Men’s version (the usual slippers that our Chinese grocers wore in Jamaica).Saw a huge Sale on “Crocs”- no Size fi de big-foot Jamaican. Beauty products: (expensive), Powder, Hand lotion (Johnson’s Baby brand) – Mint, Lavender or Strawberry scent and one called “Calm” -all this for your baby. .Everything, regardless of the American/European Brand name, is a “version”: “Tropicana”/” Minute Maid” . I remember the saying                      that “when in Rome…etc.” So I have found and now purchase  Chinese products which are great quality and much, cheaper.

Went with some Faculty and local staff to a “Hot Pot” restaurant (like a Chinese “fondue” with meats and vegetables cooked in broth at the table) “very fremous all over China” – the waitress told me. It was fabulous -the decor, the food the ambience and they were so polite. My only problem was the “facilities” chesuo (your new Chinese vocab. word),
were of the “squat” variety. I did not relish the idea of having my little Chinese guide support me while I answered the “call”, or worse yet, try to pick me up after I had fallen in.  . A very accommodating Staff member realized my plight and took me down 3 flights of steps to the Staff facilities that did have a standard “American”) – Did I say every day was an adventure?  So “Hot- Pot” is on my once per month “to-do”/ “treat” list.(Incidentally you can purchase all the ingredients and make your own “hot pot” – try it nuh?)

Did I mention that the University is 30minutes’ drive from the town, and is really in the “almost country” – so a weekly trip to “Walmart”, “Starbucks” (US standard) and Pizza Hut (always packed) is a treat, (for the locals too – I’m finding out).
Well that’s it for now- I have no idea of the time, as the computer is still on Miami schedule; but as the sky is now dark grey – almost getting-up time, I think, I better sign out now.
Teck care and ‘Walk Good”
Anancy Gyal inna Farrin’