new music: C-Sharp – somewhere #longlivereggae

every now and then something comes along that restores my faith in the Jamaican music industry

in Jamaican artists

and in people who practice making Reggae

C-Sharp’s somewhere is that something

I applaud the producers and artist, especially those in dancehall, who experiment with new sounds

but every now and then i worry for reggae, that we will experiment so much that we will lose it

that distinctive drum pattern

that strumming of the guitar that mek yu waan dip one knee and jump up and down and flash invisible locks

di kinda music weh mek yu waan rub up pon a bamboo fence inna di back of a party or lie down pon a  beach wid yu hand ova yu eye a tek sun

no dash out

jus easy


i fret sometimes that we neglect it

then  Somewhere happens. It’s cool. It’s well produced. It’s Jamaican

but its not trite

its not like someone trying to recapture the sound of the 70′s….it’s soulful. it’s fresh. it’s new. yu can hear di training a come outta di man dem. yu can hear seh dem influences span past bob and toots, but its yaad

and….it’s reggae

and den di pickney dem start sing di national song!

it done.

di song well mek!

needless to say i love it

big up to C-Sharp pon da one yah

the video is also lovely….pied pipers jammin through portland paradise

wid all kinda facts yu never know a flash by. and di man dem a enjoy demself inna di lovely parish.

big ups to the production team
today me a tek a likkle break from frettin’

C-Sharp a keep reggae alive

but more dan keepin it alive, dem a grow it. In a truly organic Jamaican way, dem man yah a move reggae forward.


find more info on the band here and on twitter @csharpgroup


bless up!