New Music From Rob Symeonn & Jah Youth Productions

International reggae artist, Rob Symeonn is set to release his new single, “Forgive Them” by the end of August 2012. Written by Symeonn, the track is set to light up the airwaves and dancehalls across the globe as hedelivers real spiritual roots reggae music once again with a sweet melody that resonates in the hearts of his fans.

Symeonn’s Voice and dimension are what caught the attention of Sweden’s widely acclaimed reggae and dub specialist, Jonahgold Goldheart who  produced, mixed and arranged Symeonn’s forthcoming album entitled, Indigenous.  Other singles off the album include : “Ithiopia,” “Seems Like,” and “Live Upright.” Some fantastic musicians play on the album :
– Drummer Daniel Spahni – the Swiss time-keeper who also plays with Linton Kwesi and Dennis Bovell
– Desmond Foster – top-notch multi-instrumentalist and world-class singer plays guitars, percussions and sings some b.vox
– Mysticman – young heavyweight reggae musician and singer also plays guitars.

Returning reggae to its roots of spiritual upliftment and inity is the aim of this conscious link up between Symeonn, Goldheart Music and Jah Youth Productions (Hawai’i), a new label that is focused solely on forwarding only the highest quality roots reggae vibrations.

Symeonn, who sings in the roots tradition of Bob Marley, Hugh Mundell and Fred Locks made his debut as a singer for the One Love International Sound System and in 1997, was put on the map with his first single, “Anything for Jah” on Easy Star Records. He went on to record extensively under the creative genius of Ticklah and released his first full length album, “Chosen One” through Redbud Records in 2005.

Rob say “This project has been a much of Rastafari has gone into the muzikal food.That the people will get a righteous meal to fill there Rootikal hunger…Nuff raspect to both Jeffrey and Jonahgold….and all other family that have been involved in this works…..