NEW VIDEO Jamaica 50 theme song (1 of) On a Mission


me all see uncle sonny transport in deh…if yu nuh know dat yu nuh come from Linstead

look fi di big colour colour bus

Ras Kassa and the Jamaica 50 secretariat buss di video fi one of the Jamaica 50 theme song dem

(yes me say one of because me nuh inna di passa passa)

and….well of  course it nice!!

me get all goose bump

our island is beautiful and so are our people so when dem touch screen dem dis glow so

our artists are gifted and good at their craft so di production is superb

it really cuddn flop

me nuh see it pon youcuhube yet so see di link to di facebook video yah

tell me wah yu tink

Happy 50th Jamaica. I love you more than that.