New Book – Deep Roots, Strong Tree

On Wednesday June 1, 2011, Bookophilia will host author Kwame M.A. McPherson, at 6pm, as he reads from his collection of short stories: ‘Deep Roots, Strong Tree’.

‘Deep Roots, Strong Tree’, a compilation of fifteen short stories, explores the delicate fabric of human relationships, which span the Caribbean, North America, Africa and Europe.

Though fictional, the author delves into life’s trials and tribulations using his own experiences and observations, addressing modern-day issues such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, youth violence, depression, migration, homosexuality, parenting, and spirituality.

The story Elmer Fudd Goes Hunting, for example, explores a child’s view on his experience of domestic violence.  Another thought-provoking tale, The Disillusioned Teen, speaks to youth violence, and Kept in the Closet, addresses sexual abuse.

McPherson feels his life purpose is to empower and inspire others to take stock of where they are in their own lives, and thus encourages the reader to appreciate these real-life issues, and draw strength from them should they identify with his stories. 

He states: ‘Whether I use my personal experiences or what I’ve learnt vicariously, I try to uplift others and assure them that they are not alone in this journey called life’.

William Frederick Cooper, author of 6 Days in January, says: “With an eclectic array of stimulating stories, a talented new scribe introduces himself to the world of literature in fine form.”

‘Deep Roots, Strong Tree’ is available at,, Bookophilia, and bookstores throughout North America, Canada and the UK.