Bushman New CD – Get It In Your Mind

Bushman releases first independent CD – “GET IT IN YOUR MIND” is available now on the burning bushes label! Bushman is one of Jamaica’s strongest conscious, positive voices and this CD is power packed with hits!!!

“Get It In Your Mind” is a 15 song disc with a special DVD enhancement that includes a video for the song called “Gun Ting”. Each of these songs was specially hand picked by Bushman to be placed on this CD for his fans. The CD features Bushman’s deep baritone voice combined with his superior vocal style.

Bushman’s eighth full length CD is now available for sale exclusively on CD Baby.com and itunes. Following in the footsteps of Burning Spear, Bushman has founded his own record label called Burning Bushes Music. “Get It In Your Mind” is the first release from this newly formed label.

Bushman says: “After the release of “Signs” in 2004, I decided to start my own record label. I hope to use this label to help bring out other upcoming reggae acts in the future. There is so much talent in Jamaica that needs to be highlighted. It is very hard for the youth that are coming up. I’m really glad for this opportunity to help showcase other artists.”

“Get it In Your Mind” is not a typical reggae album. It contains songs that were produced by various producers in many different studios throughout the island and some were even recorded in Bushman’s own studio – the Green House Studio in St Thomas, Jamaica. No one can say that this is a CD where all the songs sound the same. There are a couple of fast paced dancehall tunes, “Can’t Get the Best of Me” and “Born Fi Di Ting”. There’s a disco style Peter Tosh cover song, “Buk-In-Hamm-Palace” and an acoustic ballad “Call on Jah”. Really there is something for everyone to enjoy on this compilation!

Bushman will be touring in Europe and North America this summer in support of this release.

Previous albums from Bushman include :

1997 -Nyah Man Chant (VP Records)
1999 -Total Commitment (Greensleeves)
2000 -A Better Place (Artists Only)
2001 – Higher Ground (Greensleeves)
2002 -Toe To Toe with Luciano (Jet Star)
2003 – My Meditation (Charm)
2004 – Signs (VP Records)