New Creation Records Launces Search For Unsigned New Artists

New York, January 21, 2008 – New Creation Records is the home of an eclectic mix of reggae, R & B and hip hop artists based in the US and Jamaica. The record label is launching an A & R weekend at its studios just outside Atlanta from February 8 to 11 where it will review the positioning of a number of talented, unsigned artists with a view to sign new talent to the label for 2008.

During the A & R weekend, a number of upcoming artists will travel from various states across the US to Atlanta with their music, biographies, music videos, video footage and other promotional material for review.

Among the artists confirmed to participate are Ras Emmanuel who has just won the New Jersey DJ of the Year Award and who was a finalist in the Red Label Wine Competition in Jamaica, and New York’s rising star Paashot who has just shot a music video with Latino hottie hottie Kenji form Puerto Rico. Also forming a part of the contingent is Ohio-based lyrics master Krebbe who is working on new material for his upcoming album.

“We feel we had to orchestrate this outreach, based on the number of extraordinarily talented artists out there who have great music and a clear vision for their product, but no resources to complete album, no promotional support nor distribution system”, president and CEO Sherwin Sterling commented. “We felt compelled to make a decision to respond to this plight, particularly with reggae recorders”, he continued.

New Creation Records offers a comprehensive range of services that includes artist development, talent management, music production and concert promotions. The label also puts focus on training artists to interface with media and fans, how to conduct interviews, developing financial goals, developing performance skills and generally understanding the business of music.

The label strives to produce music with inspiring, uplifting lyrics and creative beats that appeal to the masses and there are no vulgarities nor obscenities in the songs released by New Creation. For more information on the A & R weekend, email [email protected]