New Year’s Message 2007 from From The Governor-General Of Jamaica, His Excellency the Most Honourable Professor Kenneth O. Hall, ON, OJ

My fellow Jamaicans, each January we have the opportunity to review our personal, corporate, social and national lives as we enter a new calendar year, and resolve to make it a better year. The same is true for 2007, as we stand on the threshold of the seventh year in this 21st century.

The New Year brings unlimited prospects for growth and development, and the opportunity to build on the platform of resilience and innovation which has become the hallmark of our Jamaican experience. Our people have established a fine tradition of excellence in many spheres and, in the year ahead, we should resolve to build on these achievements and other positives in our society, as we seek to maintain our rightful place in the worldwide family of nations.

For our people, it is my hope that this year, more Jamaicans will reflect on the choices they make in their personal lives and resolve to be kinder and gentler with each other as we all strive to reduce the mounting incidents of violence that ruin relationships, result in loss of lives and carry a high social and economic cost.

This year, I propose that we all light candles of understanding and unite in strengthening the foundations of our society for future development. Let us, therefore, resolve to:

• Work harder and contribute to the economic growth that we all desire

• Build our respective communities to be havens of peace and development for our families and friends

• Stamp out criminal activities, which hold our communities in terror and, ultimately, erode the social fabric of our nation

• Teach our children and, therefore, the next generation, to be good citizens

• And, most of all, let us resolve that this year, as we seek to enhance our lives that we will find new meaning in the words of the national song, “.our hearts salute Jamaica, triumphant, proud and free!”

To all Jamaicans, at home and abroad, I wish for you and your families a New Year of unlimited possibilities.