NFL recap
Where do I begin?

Well, when last I posted, it was the beginning of the NFL season and I had made certain prognostications. How did those work out? Well, let’s see, as I list what I got right and what I whiffed on;
Cincinnati was not the worst team last year. Not even close.
I had New England going to and losing in the Super Bowl.

Cam Newton (L) is pretty good. Actually he’s really good. Will Sam Bradford be the best in the NFL in a few years? That’s a toss up.
Peyton Manning, as I had assumed missed the year and may indeed be finished in the NFL. That’s a real shame and a poor ending for a great player.
Where did I swing and miss? Well:
Ndamukong Suh had a good, not great year, and his performance on the field was overshadowed by his petty antics that cost him and his team dearly. He will improve, if he keeps his cool.
The Jets didn’t make the playoffs. I did say they would take a step back but I didn’t think they would step back and fall down the stairs. Rex Ryan, more than any player on the team, needs to check himself. His ego is a major part of problem, to wit: they have needed a pass rusher for years. He has not drafted one and tries to recycle/retread others who have not gotten it done elsewhere. He encouraged a frat party atmosphere and then is surprised when the locker room gets out of control. He needs to do some major self-evaluation before this blows up in his face.
The Lions and Houston made the playoffs. St. Louis and Tanpa Bay didn’t. The two latter teams will be greatly improved next year; their problems were numerous, but a lack of talent wasn’t one of them.
Eli Manning is making a lot of people eat humble pie…he is a great QB, he is an elite QB and he is not only the best in NY, he may be the best in his family when all is said and done. My how ones perspective can change quickly.
Michael Vick. The Eagles. Ughh. Words cannot describe that mess. I think next season they will be a lot better though, and hopefully I was a year early on that prediction.
Well here goes my last one for this NFL season:
 Brady is great, so is that offense, but Belichick, like Rex Ryan, thinks too highly of himself. Greta coaches tend to think they can overcome a lack of talent by creating a great scheme. That doesn’t always work, especially when the holes are on defense. Bart Scott was right a year ago and he’s still right. The Patriots defense can’t stop a nosebleed. Giants over the Patriots, 28-17 in the Super Bowl.

Three weeks to pitchers and catchers. Two weeks to the Champions League resuming.