Nikki G is Unstoppable. Caribbean Media Personality Speaks Progressive Mindset into Today’s Youth

A woman who possesses pure skill and determination to succeed is unstoppable. Add to those characteristics, a woman from the Caribbean, and the potential to win, increases tenfold. 

Nikki G is Unstoppable. Caribbean Media Personality Speaks Progressive Mindset into Today's Youth1
Nicole Goddard is that woman. Known by many across the media and Caribbean entertainment landscape as Nikki G – The Voice, the Trinidad and Tobago born Voiceover talent, digital media professional and podcast host, is making waves internationally. 

Nikki G is Unstoppable. Caribbean Media Personality Speaks Progressive Mindset into Today's Youth2
Nikki was discovered in the US by producer, Ali Sylvester who expressed a likeness for her natural voice during telephone conversation. She was just 21-years-old then, and admits that she had no knowledge about the world of voiceover work. “I went to the studio and eventually landed an online radio show with Maximum Radio 1. That was the birth of Nikki G,” she explained. Eventually, that chance opportunity catapulted Nicole into the realm of media and entertainment. She says while she wanted to be a singer in her youth, a saturated international industry made her reconsider her options, and essentially, her focus switched to honing her media skills. 

Since those early years in the industry, Nikki has made quite a name for herself, working alongside many Soca artistes, including Olatunji Yearwood, Kes The Band, MX Prime and others. Added to that, the one-woman digital powerhouse has managed to effectively deliver as a photographer and videographer with She says the pandemic forced her to rethink her effort in the voiceover industry though, noting that for approximately eight years prior, her primary focus had been delivering behind the scenes for Islandmix and other Caribbean entertainment websites. 

Now, post pandemic, Nikki G – The Voice, is back behind the microphone, more excited than ever to lend her Caribbean energy to events and campaigns that require her unique sound. “Persistence is key in this business,” she said, noting that she believes advice can truly come from anyone, and constructive criticism is something that can build a person’s character. “No matter what anyone says though, only you will know what works for you,” she advised, explaining that while there will be voices sharing opinions, it’s important to listen to the voices of the people who have the best intentions. 

Proudly, Nikki is pushing hard as a media personality. She recently launched a new podcast called, “Table Talk Show,” which aims at highlighting talented people within the Caribbean community and internationally. “As a female, Caribbean voiceover talent and entrepreneur, I am proud of my many talents and heritage. I plan to continue spreading the culture through ‘Table Talk,’ and encouraging our youths of today, especially the young ladies of tomorrow. I want them to know that every goal or dream is attainable, if they try, and always put their best foot forward.”

Social media and technology a major part of the business she’s in, Nikki encourages all of the Caribbean to stay in tuned to what she’s up to by checking out her website at and visiting her SoundCloud profile at

Her Table Talk podcast is available for streaming and download on Apple Podcasts. “There’s a place for everyone in society. My blessings may not be yours and the road we walk may not be the same, but we can all be winners,” she says.