Lenz Entertainment Launches Jamaican Animation Pilot – Ninjamaica

Ninjamaica wakes up floating in icy Arctic Waters with no memory of who he is or how he got there. The only thing he knows is that he’s a dreadlocked Ninja with a serious case of the munchies. But he’s no ordinary Rasta – when he’s cornered for the first time he finds that he’s got the skills of a Ninja Master. He knows how to fight, he knows how to sneak, and he knows how to kill. What the bomba?

Suffering from amnesia, Ninjamaica travels to his homeland in order to discover the key to his past. In Jamaica, danger lurks at every turn, and everyone is a potential enemy. Slowly, Ninjamaica begins to piece together details about his former life. Out of nowhere, KAY COCKBURN, a sexy British woman, pulls up on a Vespa and seems to know who he is.

When Kay says that Ninjamaica is the lead singer in a wicked reggae band and tells him to climb on, he’s not about to argue with her.

Meanwhile, DON GORGON, a sinister record producer turned assassin, wants to stop Ninjamaica at all costs. He has unleashed his entire network of deadly assassins, with the sole purpose of killing Ninjamaica. After all, you don’t mess with Don Gorgon!

Fighting his way out of another deadly situation, Ninjamaica realizes he’s still got a lot to learn about who he is…before it’s too late!

With a cutting edge graphic look and a creative team made up of hot new comedians and musicians, Ninjamaica combines animated action adventure with a bumping musical soundtrack.