Punishing the Victim



As I watch Donald Trump on cable news slandering Hillary Clinton with false and tasteless references to those long-forgotten episodes involving Bill’s roving ways, I wonder why it’s the victims who always seem to get punished in these shabby affairs.

Is it because the victims are usually women?

When a woman is raped, have you noticed how eager people are to find a way to blame her?

They point to her provocative makeup or attire or behavior, or whatever, and make excuses for the male predator who raped her.

I guess men will be men, eh? It’s up to the women to keep us from running amok, I suppose. Is that how people still think in 21st century America? Say it ain’t so!

But that’s just what Trump is up to – with an absurd twist. He doesn’t blame Bill’s lovers; he blames Hillary!

He seems to have learned a new word – enabler. Hillary, he shouts, “enabled” Bill’s philandering. He doesn’t provide any evidence to back up his claims. Instead, he goes off on a rant about Hillary making life miserable for the women who cheated with her husband.

Again, no details. But Trump never provides details. He’s above all that. He just slings mud. By the bucketful.

Later, I watched an obese man on CNN lambasting Hillary for being cruel to that poor Monica Lewinsky  (lower picture). He said that in a call to a friend, Hillary had called Monica “a narcissistic loony-tune.”

How harsh is that! After all, he pointed out indignantly, poor Monica was only 21 years old. Give me a break!

Tell me, if your spouse was caught playing around with someone else, wouldn’t you be tempted to indulge in a little name calling? And I bet you could find a few stronger terms than “narcissistic loony-tune.” I know I would resort to some good, ole Jamaican cuss words, myself.

Hillary is the victim here. She is the one who got cheated on.

The fact that she loved her man enough to forgive him doesn’t make her an enabler in my book; it makes her a generous woman who has the grit to rise above her heartbreak and move on. Don’t you think that since she has been able to forget and forgive, we should be, too?

The fact that Trump is stooping so low as to dig up those old bones makes him even more of a cad than I thought him to be all along. And the fact that the media are giving him a platform to do it says a lot about the sorry state of the so-called news business.

Click for Trump’s mud slinging.