No, We Aren’t Watching


The “news” channels will be obsessed with you-know-who’s inauguration this weekend but we don’t have to be. Sandra is right now watching an old movie on Turner Classics, for example, and I will be browsing the sports channels in a little while.

I’ll tune in to the Australian Open tennis tournament for one. I’m rooting for Andy Murray.  (My brother Bill is most likely praying for Milos Raonic. You know how those Canadians stick up for one another.)

I’ll watch one of the emerging boy wonders  play amazing golf to win in the desert. And I’ll try to stay awake for the Singapore Open.

Although I am not a hard core football fan, I could get caught up in the Green Bay- Atlanta game. Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan are the hottest quarterbacks in the  playoffs.

Heck, I might even watch the Rockets play the Warriors this evening. I don’t usually follow basketball, b ut I’m sure it’s less boring than the inauguration festivities.

I am not being unpatriotic. But I have had enough of this new US president (already!). What vile and vulgar thing will he tweet next? What atrocity will he commit? Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Of course, I am horrified that this impulsive and unschooled buffoon holds the fate of humanity in his pocket. (Literally, as he is now entrusted with the code that would unleash a nuclear holocaust.)

And I am dismayed that “the leader of the free world” stands for all I hold deplorable. But four years go by quickly.

He cannot do all the harm he is threatening to do in that time. And I am sure cooler heads in Congress will act as a brake on his runaway insanity. But we will have to suffer in the meantime.

Will America learn from this bitter lesson? I can only hope so.

As I endure the next four years, I will be watching sports and Sandra will be reliving better times through those od black-and-white movies.  Events like the inauguration  will not be on our schedule.

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