No, Don’t Kill Trump


Crazy Roger Stone is making headlines by claiming the “Deep State” has a plan to kill Trump. Of course Stone is the kind of publicity hound who would do or say just about anything to make “news.” But I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody somewhere is plotting to exterminate  America’s abysmal president.

That would be a mistake.

Kill Trump and you get Pence.

Pence and his fellow-Republicans.

I’m sure you realize by now that the Republicans are playing Trump to get what they have wanted for so long – the remaking of America. Their vision is one of remorseless capitalism in which the vulnerable are trampled and the most ruthless become all powerful.

It is the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest, the domain of the Devil.

With Pence, there would be no need for their dirty tricks. He is the personification of bigotry and self righteousness, made to order for implementation of their oppressive agenda.

Trump is crazy. And greedy. And vulgar.

Pence is evil.

So is Ryan. So is McConnell (and guess who you get if you kill Pence).

These are sadistic human beings, bent on inflicting the most draconian measures on the American people in order to further empower a tiny elite to whom they long ago sold their souls.

.With Trump to contend with, the Republican leadership must resort to manipulation to implement their agenda. With Trump eliminated, they would be free to wreak their havoc at will.

Trunp is disposable. We the people have the power to get rid of him in a couple of years. In the meantime, what is desperately needed is a Democratic Congress to keep him in check.

Our relief must not come from a bullet but from our ballots. And November is not so far away.

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