No Time for Fatalism


Is nobody willing and able to head off World War III? If no human can come up with an answer to the impasse between the US and North Korea, would consulting IBM’s Watson help? Surely, the “powers that be” aren’t just going to shrug their shoulders and let all hell break loose?

When the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee warns that the US president is heading down “the path to World War III,” we have to take him seriously. Senator Bob Corker wasn’t joking. And he has information you and I don’t.

Surprisingly, the US Congress has done nothing to slow Trump’s headlong rush to disaster. Legislation to prevent the president from  using nuclear weapons without a declaration of war from Congress was introduced in January by Senators Ted Lieu and Ed Markey. But both senators are Democrats and there has been no Republican support for the bill.

Meanwhile, Britain is reportedly readying for war with North Korea and General James Mattis has put the US Military on standby for this increasingly likely catastrophe.

Obviously, something must be done to stop Trump and Kim Jong-un from plunging the world into a nuclear holocaust. Russia and China, North Korea’s next-door neighbors,  have a stake in this. I don’t see how they could tolerate the outbreak of a nuclear war between Kim and Trump. Surely, the two super powers will intervene?

A global nuclear conflict cannot possibly be of benefit to anyone. Why isn’t the United Nations holding emergency talks to avert this horror?

Why aren’t the world’s power brokers stepping in?

Desperate times call for desperate action. Whatever can be done to stop a Third World War must be done.

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