Not Another Shutdown!



It barely makes the news these days when the Republicans threaten to shut down the US Government. For reasons that escape me, the crazies in Congress think they can get their own way by cutting off all government spending.

The childish tactic has backfired in the past, and it’s sure to backfire again but that doesn’t seem to register with them. Like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football, they keep doing the same old thing.

This time, the problem isn’t disagreement between Republicans and Democrats. The stand-off is between Republicans and Republicans. Apparently, some Republicans don’t want to fund the fight against the Zika virus if it means letting Planned Parenthood administer some of the money.

Yes, there are people who would hold the health and safety of millions hostage just to spite a group they disagree with. And some of those people are in Congress.

How is that for a “basket of deplorables”?

You might think that shutting down the government just days before a general election would be a sure way to lose. If Americans should have learned one thing, it’s how damaging and senseless these shutdowns are. A previous shutdown ruined Uncle Sam’s credit and cost taxpayers billions.

But perhaps the voters have forgotten.

The media are so obsessed with imagined crises that a lot of voters probably have other issues on their minds (preserving white privilege, battling the immigrant threat, banning Muslims, hating gays, and regulating whatever goes on in people’s bedrooms, for instance).

When the media fail like this, democracy is in trouble. It becomes impossible to maintain efficient government and preserve a healthy society.

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