Novel Funding Means for a Novel

Alana - our innovative writer
Writer with a novel twist
It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. In a tough economic environment where raising funds to power our dream is as prevalent as pretty of a crow.

Banks have ridiculous requirements.
Venture capitalists threshold is equally as challenging.
Where is a small dreamer supposed to do?

Well, a new funding source has burst on the scene that is propelling both the dreamer and the investors. It is called crowd funding.
Crowd funding is the funding of a company by selling small amounts of equity to many investors. Investors are given something for their money – so in a legal sense, they have paid for and received something.

Crowd funding is being experimented with as a funding mechanism for creative work such as journalism and film making.
An enterprising young lady, Alana Wellington had a dream of using her vast imagination to bring fresh vigor to the eternal struggle of good and evil through the lens of faith.
Listen in our how she plans to his and use mechanism of crowd funding to seed and fuel this possibility.

This funding source will continue to grow as the funding landscape changes and access to traditional funding sources dry up. Consider get involved and supporting this effort. You will not only help a fellow Jamaican, you will also become experienced in gaining funds to power your next dream!